Visiting NYC?

Here are a few of our favorite spots that might not be on your itinerary yet.

New York Transit Museum

Walk through real subway cars from decades past, complete with original advertisements. Plus, get all your MTA merch in their gift shop!


The High Line

An old railroad line converted into a beautiful, unusual park above the avenues. Go in the early morning or late evening (it’s open at 7 AM every day; closing times vary depending on the day and season) to avoid the biggest crowds.


American Museum of Natural History

Not that we have anything against the Met, but right across Central Park, there’s another must-see museum. The AMNH is almost 150 years old, and its displays range from dioramas that have been around for much of that time to shiny, new, digitally-focused special exhibits. You could spend a whole day exploring here, but don’t miss the Rose Center for Earth and Space, the Spitzer Hall of Human Origins, and of course the dinosaurs (and other extinct species) on the top floor.


Manhattan Waterfront Greenway

A waterfront park with bike and pedestrian pike wends its way around most of Manhattan. It’s a great place to go for a bike ride or a run, or just to stroll along and take in the scenery.


Green-Wood Cemetery

“It is the ambition of the New Yorker to live upon Fifth Avenue, to take his airings in the [Central] Park, and to sleep with his fathers in Green-Wood.” — The New York Times (originally in 1866, quoted several times since)

The resting place for many  New York notables, including unsuccessful presidential candidate DeWitt Clinton, piano company founder Henry Steinway, and abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher — as well as a number of 9/11 victims. The cemetery has been in continuous use for almost 200 years, so the grave run the gamut, from huge mausoleums to modern, laser-cut stones. Several ponds and rambling paths make it feel as much like a park as a cemetery. They host various tours and events — usually ticketed — so check the event calendar.


Brooklyn Winery/Brooklyn Brewery

Depending on your epicurean tastes, both are worth visiting (and entirely unaffiliated, except for their locations: both in Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

The Brooklyn Brewery has a casual tasting room where you can try discount pints, and have pizza delivered if you’re hungry. Free tours on the weekends; ticketed tours Monday – Thursday.

The Brooklyn Winery is a more upscale affair, featuring a wine bar with gourmet bites. They have a daily happy hour and half-price bottle night on Wednesdays. On weekends, they’re often closed for events (check the calendar), but you can visit their new Crown Heights outpost, BKW, seven nights a week. (Half-price bottle night on Mondays.)

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