‘Alexander Hamilton: Striver, Statesman, Scoundrel’ at the NYPL

There are just a few days left to see the NYPL’s Alexander Hamilton exhibit, “Striver, Statesman, Scoundrel,” which closes on December 31st. Though it’s a modest one, contained in one small room off the lobby of the Schwarzman Building, it’s still worth visiting for history (or musical) buffs, especially since the NYPL’s exhibitions are generally free!


The exhibit displays a selection of its holdings, including some interesting pieces — such as Hamilton’s draft of George Washington’s farewell address. There aren’t, however, a large number in Hamilton’s own hand. Some of the pieces are from people associated with Hamilton, such as Aaron Burr and the Schuyler family.

Fans of Hamilton the musical will recognize the title of this screed by the founding father:


And, of course, the famous duel with Aaron Burr takes up a good amount of real estate, including the whole back wall, which reproduces an artist’s depiction of the fatal shot.


While you’re at the Schwarzman Building, you can also check out an exhibition called “A Writer’s Christmas” — definitely on my list for sometime between now and when it closes on January 8th!


Location: NYPL’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, 476 Fifth Avenue (main entrance at Fifth Avenue and 41st Street)
Nearest Public Transit: B/D/F/M at 42 St-Bryant Park
Estimated Timespan: For just the Hamilton exhibit, 15-20 minutes
Cost: Free


Grand Army Plaza (and Greenmarket)

Ellen: There are actually two Grand Army Plazas in NYC. There’s the one at the southeast corner of Central Park, near the Plaza Hotel and the Apple Store. Then there’s the far superior one at the northern tip of Prospect Park.

Casey: I, in fact, did not know that.  However, that lesser Grand Army Plaza no longer has FAO Schwartz, so you have even less reason to go.

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Library Way

It’s kind of surprising that I’ve never been to Library Way before: I’m a bookish person who has visited the NYPL a number of times, and I’ve worked no more than half a mile away from the spot for the last five years. But that’s what this blog is for, right? It’s already doing its job: making me go to places I’ve always meant to go to.

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