The Great Saunter (Manhattan Waterfront Greenway)

The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway — composed of the Hudson River, Harlem River, and East River Greenways — wends around most of the almost 32-mile perimeter of the island of Manhattan. To walk the whole distance in a day is called the Great Saunter, an undertaking described by Cy A. Adler in his book Walking Manhattan’s Rim: The Great Saunter and popularized (if it can be called “popular”) by the Shorewalkers, a NY/NJ-based walking group.

The Shorewalkers run an organized Great Saunter the first weekend in May, but when I get an idea in my head, sometimes I’m too impatient to wait. Of the five Saunters I’ve done, two have been with the Shorewalkers and the other three in the fall — most recently, this past Saturday.

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