Grand Army Plaza (and Greenmarket)

Ellen: There are actually two Grand Army Plazas in NYC. There’s the one at the southeast corner of Central Park, near the Plaza Hotel and the Apple Store. Then there’s the far superior one at the northern tip of Prospect Park.

Casey: I, in fact, did not know that.  However, that lesser Grand Army Plaza no longer has FAO Schwartz, so you have even less reason to go.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Late Summer

Ellen: This will be, for me, possibly the most embarrassing “How Have I Never Been Here Before?” entry on this blog. My commute takes me past an entrance to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden every day, and eighteen months after moving to this neighborhood, I’d never stepped inside until this weekend.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden stretches across 52 acres. While we made a dent in its exhibits, we didn’t come close to seeing them all. As one might expect in a place whose main attraction is plants, must-see sights vary by season, too: the Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival brings in big crowds in April, and there’s winter-specific programming during the cold months.

Casey: A caveat: when we made this trek, it was 94 degrees outside, with a heat index of 109.  So keep that in mind when considering time estimates and overall enthusiasm, because it definitely waned after about an hour’s worth of melting.  However, unlike Ellen, I have visited BBG before, and the previous trip clocked in the four hour range.

Traversing the grounds is really more of a meandering situation; there’s a lot to see, but a lot of the paths loop and criss-cross, and in the spaces where you’re allowed to walk on the grass, it lends to a lot of doubling back on oneself.  (In other words, you will definitely get your step count in.)

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Section of the Berlin Wall

I have vague memories of watching the fall of the Berlin Wall on TV as a kid and not really knowing what was happening; it all seemed pretty distant. Unsurprisingly, that distance feels much shorter when you stand in front of the Wall.

What, you didn’t know there’s a preserved section of the Berlin Wall in New York? Neither did I, until recently. Actually, there are apparently four sections in Manhattan — the other three in Battery Park, at the United Nations, and in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (I guess this is one thing there you can believe).

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Library Way

It’s kind of surprising that I’ve never been to Library Way before: I’m a bookish person who has visited the NYPL a number of times, and I’ve worked no more than half a mile away from the spot for the last five years. But that’s what this blog is for, right? It’s already doing its job: making me go to places I’ve always meant to go to.

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Welcome to the City That Goes to Sleep Promptly at 10 PM, Maybe 11 PM on the Weekends

New Yorkiana is the result of a conversation about all the cool places in New York we’ve never been to, and how we should make an effort to visit them. We (Casey and Ellen) have lived in New York for an average of eight years, yet our lists of sites to see never seem to get any shorter.

This shiny new blog will act both as motivation for and record of our forays. Visitors to the city and other New Yorkers who want to see more of the city may also find it useful, or at least entertaining.

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– Casey & Ellen