Old Stone House

Park Slope’s Old Stone House is an oddity. It’s neither the original house nor located on the original site, though it’s near the original site and the reconstruction used some original materials. The original was important to the Battle of Brooklyn, also known as the Battle of Long Island, of the Revolutionary War. The reconstruction seems to serve as little more than background to the families who bring their children to the playground that serves as its front lawn.


I had a somewhat disappointing visit, too, because the house was closed for a private event. The perils of visiting off-the-beaten-path historic sites! Neither the website nor their limited social media indicated the closing and I didn’t call in advance. (In contrast to my visit to Poe Park, where showing up on a day when the house was closed was entirely my fault.)

I was able to take a turn in the garden associated with the house, but without any signs or labels, it wasn’t very enlightening.


Park Slope may be easy to get to, but the rewards were greater when I schlepped out to the Wyckoff House.


Nearest Public Transit:
Cost: Park is free; I couldn’t find any information about the house!


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