Further Afield: Cold Spring

Here in New York, we like to get out of New York. We have two airports, two train stations, ferries, boats larger than ferries, and a variety of escape tunnels. Transplant New Yorkers looking to get back to their pre-city roots, and lifers looking to see that thing we call “wilderness,” can visit upstate (or on Long Island, or even in Jersey) via one of these many routes.

Cold Spring is a great little town sitting on the Hudson, an hour and change away from the city via the Metro North. (If you’re starting from Grand Central, it’s a $28 round trip off-peak.) It looks across the river at both West Point and the Storm King state park.


The station drops you off right at Main Street, and from there, it’s only a short walk to the trails. We took the blue Washburn trail, part of the Cornish Estate trail loop.

Don't get lost.
Don’t get lost.

Hitting the trails in late October/early November, as we did, meant fall foliage abounded. One of the locals informed me that our trip also coincided with a boat docking, and New Yorkers going “leaf peeping”.

Peep those leaves.




The trails also reward you with the Cornish Estate ruins, stone husks of a long-gone mansion that hikers can freely clamor through (and, judging by the sheer amount of broken glass, drink heavily in. Watch your step).

Cold Spring itself is a small town, population approximately 2000. We stuck to the tourist-friendly Main Street, which is loaded down with quaint storefronts and antiquing opportunities galore.



Episcopal Church of St. Mary-in-the-Highlands


You might die of poison, but you will look fabulous.
You might die of poison, but you will look fabulous.


Cold Spring, NY
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