Theaters of New York: Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

In my years of living in New York, one thing I have never gotten tired of is going to shows.  So when we were making our lists, I did a quick Wikipedia search for Broadway theatre.  And they helpfully gave me a list of forty-one theaters, which was more than I expected.  I did a bit of digging, both on the internet and in my collection of Playbills, and found that I had not actually visited as many Broadway theaters as I thought I had. (Only a disappointing twelve!  Turns out it was multiple shows at the same theaters, which is bound to happen over time.)

The Bernard B. Jacobs on West 45th St., originally the Royale, was, at the time of my visit and of this writing, home of The Color Purple.  The theater is 89 years old, built in 1927, and was part of a three-theater complex owned by the Shubert Organization that included the John Golden (which I have been to) and the Majestic (which I haven’t).  The Jacobs has in its time has seen productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, A Raisin in the Sun, Glengarry Glen Ross, the less-successful American history musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, and Tony-winning Once, among others.


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There isn’t much of a lobby on the ground floor; the majority of it is located downstairs, with a non-functioning fireplace and plenty of space to lounge before the show.  There’s a lovely (though not spacious) bathroom, and a second bar and merch booth, both without real lines.  While I don’t know much about architecture or interior design, I will say it’s a nice space, all chandeliers and cool ceiling molding.





2 thoughts on “Theaters of New York: Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre”

  1. 1) Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson forever!
    2) Feature request: special secret bathroom options in any theaters that have them. Keyest feature in ANY theater, darnit.

  2. I definitely agree! The Jacobs, near as I could tell, does not have any secret bathroom options, though I admittedly didn’t have time to fully examine. -C

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