Socrates Sculpture Park

When Ellen and I decided to do this blog, we each made lists of places we wanted to visit, and I’m sorry to say that the majority of those lists were Manhattan- and Brooklyn-based.  It’s inevitable, I suppose, but as a Queens resident, I wanted to get out and explore my own borough, because it does have interesting things to see and do.  Like the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, now in its thirtieth year, which does what it says on the tin (sign) – an NYC public park that also functions as a sculpture garden.


The entire thing is along the waterfront, so even if you go on a day that’s between installations or a work in progress, at the very least, you can set yourself up on one of the many riverside benches and gaze at the Manhattan skyline. How often do you get to see it from Queens? Not often, I’d bet.


I happened to go on a beautiful afternoon, and there were a lot of folks out writing, drawing, tanning, and filming.  (There were also a couple of ambitious souls who’d perched on the rocks to do some fishing.  I would not advise eating anything one catches in the East River.)

And obviously, it IS a sculpture garden, so you can take a nice stroll and also get in some cool art.

Concave Room for Bees, Meg Webster
Concave Room for Bees, Meg Webster

(Not pictured: the guy who sat in the middle of the exhibit and made me very uncomfortable with the idea of taking pictures; thusly – not pictured: the many bees.)

MORE LIGHT; less blurriness

100_0219 100_0218

There’s a greenmarket on weekends, because you can’t go anywhere in New York without running into a farmer’s market.

Plus, did you know there’s a little beach?  Any of the times I’ve passed by the beach, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any people there, but it is heavily populated with some geese (that’s probably why you don’t see many people).

100_0204 100_0205

Watch out – they bite.

Now, I know Absolutely Nothing about art, so I can’t really comment on anything of that particular nature, and I won’t insult the artists by attempting to.  I’ve already done that with my photography.  But as parks go, it’s a lovely little one, both sculpture garden and actual garden.


Location: 32-01 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City (Intersection of Broadway)
Nearest Subway: N/Q to Broadway
Estimated Timespan: 30 minutes to an hour
Cost: Free!