Grand Army Plaza (and Greenmarket)

Ellen: There are actually two Grand Army Plazas in NYC. There’s the one at the southeast corner of Central Park, near the Plaza Hotel and the Apple Store. Then there’s the far superior one at the northern tip of Prospect Park.

Casey: I, in fact, did not know that.  However, that lesser Grand Army Plaza no longer has FAO Schwartz, so you have even less reason to go.


Ellen: To the east of the entrance to Prospect Park is the majestic main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. To the north is the plaza itself, containing the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Arch, the Bailey Fountain, and a monument to John F. Kennedy. There’s also a bust of Alexander Skene, a famous gynecologist. How many famous gynecologists can you name? I bet the number has just doubled.



Every Saturday, year-round, Grand Army Plaza (or, technically, the entrance to Prospect Park across the street) hosts a Greenmarket. The vendors here sell an enormous variety of goods: produce, meat and poultry, fish, cheese and other dairy, bread, wine and hard cider, and even wool and yarn.




Casey: Several booths will have samples out, so you can decide for yourself what kind of peach, apple, and tomato you prefer.  I ended up walking out with some yellow peaches, some Honey Crisp apples, some sungold tomatoes, and a couple of not-bread baked goods.  Have you ever had fresh grape juice?  Really fresh?  You should.  And you can!



Ellen: I brought home mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and peaches for my dinner. I can’t say that the mushrooms tasted any different from regular mushrooms, but the tomatoes and peaches were delicious.


We both brought home some cider from Bad Seed; I picked The Farmer (Saison Hard Cider) and Casey opted for Raspberry Reserve Hard Cider.

Casey: The subtitle of this post is “Casey and Ellen learn about famous gynecologists, and get hyped about produce.”

Casey & Ellen

Location: Intersection of Flatbush Avenue, Vanderbilt Avenue, Eastern Parkway, Prospect Park East, and Union Street
Nearest Subway: 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza; B/Q to 7 Avenue
Estimated Timespan: 15-20 minutes exploring the Plaza; 30 minutes to an hour shopping at the Greenmarket
Cost: Free!
Website (Greenmarket)